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Block ads on Pornography sites

Usually, the ads are very troublesome and you cannot get rid of them, so it is clear to you how to stop these ads completely to browse in peace 
                     Pornography damage 
When you choose to view pornography, whether you're alone in the privacy of your home or with a friend, it can cause a lot of damage! The sad fact is that pornography will destroy your life. In this essay I will give some examples of how viewing pornography has affected other people.

How to get rid of pornographic addiction 

A couple of years ago my wife gave me an ultimatum. We had got married seven years before and had accumulated hundreds of hours of porn on our computer. She said that was it, she couldn't cope with it anymore, I had to get rid of the filth. The dilemma that went through my mind was which type of filth would I rather have on the computer, porn or my wife's relatives. Thankfully, she let me off at the last minute.
As we are living in the digital age and technology is advancing at a very high pace so are the ways of having fun. It is as; if everything has gone digital,why not pornography too. Internet has made it easier to access porn which means that many people across the globe are indulging in it. But rather than spending time in searching for porn videos or images, why don't they use their time on some constructive task that might help them get rid of their addiction.

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