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Massage Therapy An Oldest Therapeutic Form

Massage therapy is one of the oldest and simplest therapeutic forms. This involves caressing, pressing and kicking different areas of the body to relieve pain.

Massage therapy: advantages

A good massage stimulates and relaxes not only the body, but also tones it by acting on soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments). Massage largely affects the muscles that are just under the skin. However, if it is carried out regularly in appropriate conditions and in the right way, its advantages extend to the deeper layers of muscles and even organs. Thus, it strengthens the whole body and reduces its vulnerability to strains and injuries that occur due to excessive tension and structural weakness of the body.

Massage therapy also stimulates blood circulation and improves the lymphatic system (is parallel to the circulatory system); The lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating body waste. Massage therapy also calms the nervous system, reduces fatigue and reconstructs the energy of an individual.

Massage therapy: how to do it?

To start, choose the right equipment for effective massage therapy. You will need a firm and padded surface like a massage table or simply a foam mattress spread out on the floor to work. You can use additional cushions and pads to support the body on the massage surface. You can choose from oils such as mineral, soy, fishing and apricot kernel, grapes, sunflowers, almonds, olive and peanuts, depending on what is best for your body. In addition, keep covers and towels at hand to cover the parts of the body that are not worked.

To optimally benefit from massage therapy, it is important to define the right massage environment. You must use soft lighting and music to create a soothing effect during therapy. Reheat the room where you intend to massage and select a moment when there is the least chance of interruption. Make your customer or partner wears loose clothes, make sure that his body is naked (without jewelry or other accessories) and close your eyes, and tie the hair if it is long. Massage with clean hands and nails cut short; Do not massage with a wristwatch, a bracelet or fingers on your hand. Continue to massage upwards for one to an hour and a quarter.

To its best, massage has the potential to restore an individual physically, mentally and spiritually.


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